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Wall Ties


Insulation Removal

In the worst case scenario were the insulation has become saturated and damaged it is offen best to remove it from the cavity. This will give the cavity time to dry out. The process to take insulation out is a little more involved then to put in.

Like the installation process holes are drilled and then a series of bricks are taken the out at the bottom of the wall. Then a powerfull vacuum with specialist attachment is placed in the space of the missing brick. A compressed air line is inserted in to drilled out holes. Then it blows into the cavity  and the vacuum sucks . Push and pull.

For stubborn areas where the cavity insulation won’t budge  rods are used to dislodge to enable the vacuum to do its job. Then the cavity is inspected to make sure all the old Insulation has been removed, the hole are filled bricks replaced using mortor to match the existing. The site is cleared. 

Once the brick work has dry out and any remedial work like damaged rain water guttering or warn pointing is repaired. With the advice of  an expert you can decide if your home is suitable to have the insulation reinstated.