Cavityexperts have been involved in All aspects of Cavity

remedial works since 1979

From insuring that where suitable the cavity is insulated to

saves energy and you money.

Wall Tie Replacement Brick Work Re-pointing and repairs.
Over time the elements can damage the structure of your homes walls. Wall ties can corrode causing cracks to appear in the mortar line or Bulging. In the worst case the outer wall coming away from the inner leaf
The wind and rain can ware away the pointing between the bricks and should never underestimate its importance,

When it comes keeping damp out side The mortar can be up to 15 per cent of the overall surface area.
During the last 4 decades it is estimated that 6 million homes like yours have been insulated. When the right material is correctly installed, cavity wall insulation will help your home stay warm, safe and energy efficient.
However, cavity wall insulation can cause penetrating damp, mould and condensation if:
• It’s old and worn

• It was installed incorrectly

• Your home is in a high exposure area. (Find out if yours is)

• The cavity was not clear before the insulation was installed

• The structure of your home is not suitable for cavity wall insulation

• You have damaged walls such as cracks in the brickwork, render or pointing

• Blockages have entered the cavity because of building works or home improvements

Where Insulation is the cause problems inside your home we can remove it sometimes by fixing the issues that are causing insulation to get damp like leaking guttering is a that’s needed.
Our Free inspection and report will guide to the right solution for your home